About The Blog And Me

Well if anything comes out of today it will be the start of this blog. I am a producer. I have been for two years now and not once have I regretted my choice in doing this. While being a producer, I have learned a lot about music, and a lot more about people. I started this blog today to share my experience with anyone who it may help. Of course, I may have other related things to music on here, but at this point in my 22 years of life, there really could be anything.

With that said, let me introduce myself properly.

I am the Martian. Not the cartoon dude and not some weird creature, just ThaMartian. I was given this name by an artist a year after producing music. This is because I have a very alien way of looking at things, especially when it comes to music. It’s like, all those hippies where right. You’ve got to really understand that music…..it’s life. So when you create it and help others create it, your kind of creating your own life.  Not like god or anything, but sill….life that can reach other people. In this blog, I’m going to try and give that and any technical and mental experience I have, not for just the ones looking for “how to run a mixer”, but to the ones who look for more understanding in of music.

People like that I can get along with. I try and see into music like a Psychic [not that I’m claiming to be one] and look for it’s hidden meaning. It’s the only thing that I try and hold on too from my past and it’s the one constant in my future. Here lately, I haven’t produced anything and music has became DistanT. This is due to stress, but I won’t go there.

Any ideas for projects you would like to know about, or how-to with equipment email me

@ Thamartianspeaking@live.com and ill help you out all I can.


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