Posted in First Contact on May 20, 2010 by thamartianspeaking

If You’ve reached this post you have made it to my blog!. In short, this blog is anything and everything about music that may come from my mind. Want to take a read? Go for it!. I really hope you can find what your looking for. Here I will try and cover topics from equipment and set-up, to how-to’s and advice on recording. I will also cover a personal subject about the meaning of music. Throughout my time writing this blog, I welcome any contributors to add there own advice in this field!. Everyone has there own opinion, so lets hear it. Anyone that ever said their opinion was right on the real meaning of music can come here and learn something.

Now what can come from this blog? Well anything really. What I want to see come of it is a website perfect for anyone interested in music in some way. I’m always trying to learn something new about music, weather is be learning how to use a specific board to trying to understand a band like Shpongle. Music has no limits, and that’s my point blank opinion about it. I believe that, people search music like they search the stars. Always seeing new ones and old ones, looking for the next thing that may come to their line of sight.

Anyway, take a look at some of my articles and comment if you want. Any ideas or contributions will be greatly welcomed!